Montessori Playgroup

Montessori Playgroup is a program for parents and children aged 0-4 years in which children choose materials and activities at their own pace within a specially prepared environment, supported by their parent and guided by qualified and experienced Montessori teacher (Alana) as needed. Each week we enjoy a short group time including songs, games or stories, before packing away and singing “goodbye”. Attending Montessori Playgroup is a great way for parents to get to know other Montessori families in the area, learn more about the Montessori approach, and feel supported in their parenting from week to week. Families will be invited to join us in our private Facebook group, where we have developed a close-knit community. A single enrolment fee includes both Monday & Thursday sessions 9:30-11:30am, for 8 weeks in each term, and families are encouraged to attend as often as possible!

Our new Montessori Program for 3-5 year olds is an extension for our older children enrolled in Montessori Playgroup. Each Friday from 9:30-12:30pm (for the same 8 weeks as Montessori Playgroup), the environment is prepared for our children whom are ready for increased independence from their family, and wish to develop responsibility within this intimate community. The program is based on the same principles as the 3-6 year olds program offered in school settings, with the curriculum adapted to the timeframe available and interests of the small group. The program is still evolving, however the expected routine will include:

  • beginning with a short play time in the garden followed by a farewell to families,
  • coming together in a circle for a story, song, or group lesson,
  • uninterrupted time to complete ‘works’ chosen by the children
    and individual lessons,
  • snack time freely chosen throughout the session (once children learn the process),
  • a pack away period ending with a short circle farewell, and
  • lunch together (provided by parents).

Parents are required to remain at the Community Centre, and a separate space is made available for families including younger siblings to have quiet play during the 3-5 year olds sessions.

Our programs are located at the Oakford Community Centre, 57 Foxton Drive, Oakford (near Armadale, south of Perth). Please bring along a piece of fruit and hat for all programs. Frequently asked questions can be found below.

Term Dates:

Term 2: 1 May – 29 June 2017 | No sessions offered in the week 5 June (Western Australia Day)
Term 3: 24 July – 14 September 2017
Term 4: 16 October – 7 December 2017

Enrolment Form

Montessori Playgroup caters for children and their families from birth to four years old
Age at beginning of the term
Please describe any specific needs, allergies, or developmental background about your child. This assists in providing a safe environment, and planning the program.
Name/s of other adults who may attend with the child


Frequently Asked Questions